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Code : CT 462
Code: CT 462
Modularly design.
Storage optional : Keyboard & drawer shelf
Overall dimension (LxDxH) : 1380 x 600 x 780mm

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Product Description

Gyro 525 is a revolutionary mixer, which is ideal for all your mixing requirements. Performs gyroscopic action, which enables in effective mixing, uniform blending and making homogeneous mixer. Gyro 525 mixer is specifically designed for point of sale color mixing applications as well as for semi industrial applications.


Unbeatable robustness and durability.
Simplicity in the design and in the electronics.
Less number of components.
Low maintenance required.
Limit switch for safety.
Wide sliding door design for easy effortless can handling.
Reinforced sliding door for easy access and improved durability.
Door safety Lock-unit will not operate when door is open.
Door can’t be open while the unit is running.
Emergency Stop – Cuts power to the motor immediately.

Product Specifications

Modularly design.
Easily movable.
Material: Carbon steel
Storage optional: Keyboard & Drawer Shelf
Knock Down: Delivered in non-assembled pieces
Overall Dimensions(WxDxH): 1380 x 600 x 780 mm
Net Weight: 45 Kg

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