Product Details :

Part Code: PAN 101
Model: SDC 1
No of Tray : 1
Net Weight kg : 5
Tray Dimention : 815x410x45
Overall Dimention(LxWxH) mm : 905x550x255
Model: SDC 2
No of Tray : 2
Net Weight kg : 9
Tray Dimention : 815x410x45
Overall Dimention(LxWxH) mm : 905x980x255
Model: SDC 4
No of Tray : 4
Net Weight kg : 15
Tray Dimention : 815x410x45
Overall Dimention(LxWxH) mm : 1680x990x275

Price And Quantity

Product Description

Solar Conduction dryer is designed to heat air to a constant temperature with solar energy, which facilitates extraction of humidity from substance inside a drying chamber.

It is a direct type of solar dryer designed with a black absorbing surface which collects light and converts it to heat.

The substance to be dried is directly placed on the heating surface.


Unbeatable robustness and durability.
Simplicity in the design and in the electronics.
Less number of components.
Low maintenance required.
Limit switch for safety.
Wide sliding door design for easy effortless can handling.
Reinforced sliding door for easy access and improved durability.
Door safety Lock-unit will not operate when door is open.
Door can’t be open while the unit is running.
Emergency Stop – Cuts power to the motor immediately.

Product Specifications

Maximum Can Height: 70 - 400 mm
Clamping Clearance: 415 mm
Maximum Can Diameter: 60 - 275 mm
Maximum Can Weight: NKDA
Can Clamping: Manual
Timer: Mechanical (Up to 5min)
Main motor: 0.5HP, 1425 rpm - 230V or 1725 rpm - 115V
Machine Dimensions(WxDxH): 840 x 680 x 1060 mm
Net Weight: 130Kg

Trade Information

Solar Conduction Dryer

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